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How to create content that people will share ?

Wili Group / 14/01/2017 / Agency - Singular Marketing & Campaigns, Yowza! - Surprising video production

First of all let us say : you can be a star.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re 5 feet tall with a mind-blowing IQ or just a normal person. A good thing about the cyber world is that everybody’s equal. So how can your brand rise up among other cyber-ians ? Well, that’s magic. The magic of your brand’s own personality mixed with a precious know-how that we are going to share with you right here, right now. Excited ? Good ! Here are your keys to the castle, let’s see how to make your content go viral….

#1. Target your audience

You need to know to whom you are addressing your message and why. We don’t mean you should talk to people, but you better understand your audience, how and what they think and what are the topics that give them a thrill. So do some research – you’ll see, that’ll be helpful.

#2. Help me help you

When you’re aware of what’s happening down there and why, you can get started. People have problems. So you need to become a part of the solution. Make the lives of your audience easier. Bring up some services or ideas that will help them get a professional or personal equilibrium. Trust us, people appreciate that and would spread a word. Wouldn’t you yourself ?

#3. Pull the (emotional) trigger

We are all, as human beings, guided by our emotions. That’s our nature. How many times have you been moved by a message or a video that you ran into eventually ? That’s exactly what your brand needs for its content. A study on the subject has shown that the emotions that help a content go viral are curiosity, amazement, interest, surprise and astonishment. Feel free to use them !


#4. Create a brand message

Every brand is based on a message. Everyone knows Nike’s « Just do it » or Obama’s « Yes we can ! » (and yes, we’ve just called US president a brand). That’s what your company will be known for. Building bridges, educating the 3rd world countries, saving pandas – that’s great, but how exactly do you want people to remember you ? Our guess, as a world savior. An international hero who rides an astonishing car and clears the mess others have done. Sure, it depends on your brand activity, but in any case you must have a clear message and apriori a positive one. Take James Bond as an example.

#5. Inspire

If you want people to follow you, share your content and interact, you should be inspiring. Maybe not Gandhi inspiring, but still. And no, it’s not a manipulation, it’s a motivation! Just think of it : you want your audience to feel good, capable of almost anything, strong and positive ? Sure ! So if you make them feel this way, people will stay by your side, they will be your advocates in this huge cyber world and give you their support even without you asking them. Because people like people who make them feel good. And yes, it’s as simple as that.

#6. Add value

People like to learn things. If you have something new to propose to them (and I’m pretty sure you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), go ahead and show your best ! You have the power to add some value to your audience, give them some knowledge that you possess. Master Yoda is your BFF on that one. In fact, your sharing of know-hows, tips and skills with your audience establishes a true relationship. And what’s important, it is based on trust, respect and gratitude – things that people need in life and would be more than happy to share.

#7. Make it fun

Of course, you shouldn’t forget that, with millions of messages popping up daily, people need something more to consider you (and your content). So be spontaneous, entertaining, funny – brands are so damn serious most of the time. Add some infographics to your content, make it easier to read, consider even to post some of your images, be humble, use your sense of humour – you need your audience to see your brand is human.


#8. Title it up

Why is it so important to choose the right title for your content ? Well, simply because it’s the first thing people will see. It’s like the first impression : sometimes it’s full of promises and inspires your interest, in other cases it makes you yawn and go search for something better. Your title should be short but compelling, something catchy that can be easily remembered and much harder to forget. So do pay attention on this one if you want the law of attraction (and we mean the attraction of followers) work for you and not against.

#9. Roll, camera, action !

Some of us might sometimes miss the Golden Age of the printed press. But times have changed and today, with the web being submerged by written content, we seek an easier solution to get the information we need. So may I present you the Wholy Grail of the Cyber Century : Video ! And yes, all of these talking images, gorgeous shots and terrific revelations are much more appealing than an A4 covered with the Times New Roman. Is it as shocking as that ? We don’t think so. The fact is that today we have no time to sit in an armchair with a newspaper to see what’s happenning in the world that surrounds us. We live faster than ever, so we need the information to be even faster than us. With a right video content  you are sure to make your audience grow and your message shared at the speed of light. Still not sure ? Click on PLAY and see what happens !

#10. Be human

The bottom line of it all is this : if you want your content go viral, you should first of all be real. Humans like humans, you know. Be trustworthy. No, really. Spread your brand’s knowledge, but be interesting, be inspiring, be true. Be you. That’s what will make your brand a real star of the web and beyond it.